Welcome to FairCampaignReform.US. This site has been created to offer the citizens of the United States an opportunity to utilize a Constitutional Amendment process not specified in the Constitution itself but was there in the conceptualized form, according to James Wilson in 1787. This process is called Popular Amendment and can be found on this link.

Following another GOP Senate filibuster on 7/27/2010, the attached proposed Constitutional Amendment has been developed. Please join in a nationwide movement to utilize the Popular Amendment process for passing this amendment. Download the .pdf file, circulate it, and then form a group in your state to gather all of your state's circulated copies before presenting to your Secretary of State. If we can get 51% of the registered voters in at least 3/4 of the 50 states to sign this petition, those states will be forced to comply with moving this amendment forward.

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You may wonder why some of these bullet items have been included, such as the short campaign season. Our politicians are spending way too much time campaigning and raising money instead of doing the jobs they are being paid to do. This is especially true for those who already hold an office (local, state, or federal) and are seeking re-election or a higher office. More and more politicians with vast personal resources are spending millions to secure a job that pays less than $500K per year. Why? It is for the power to control their wealth growth and keep the less-fortunate (the working class) "in their place" and subservient to the wealthy. It is time the working class takes back some of that power by saying NO to the vast waste of our financial resources for campaigns. Money wasted on campaings can be put to a much better use stimulating our economy with better jobs and training people for the jobs of tomorrow. If each person fails to educate him/herself for the advancing technology and demands of the future, we will all be at a loss to maintain any semblance of a livelihood. Our politicians control much of that ability with the laws they pass and the policies they set. We need to put all politicians on a contract before we vote for them. That point has been added to the standard federal filing petition proposed in this amendment.

As an additional Amendment that Congress and the state legislatures will never put forward, I hereby also attach a petition for term limits that can be circulated.

Click here to download the Term Limits petition

As of July 26th, I will no longer be able to continue hosting this site. Anyone who wants to keep the site going can contact me at info@faircampaignreform.us to secure the transfer of the domain and the hosting package with EasyCGI. Hopefully with this site, each citizen will find a new voice and power in government. Some states have the power of "referendum" with CA being the most notorious for its citizens speaking out. Our founding fathers did not directly grant us that power on the national level, but it was apparently there in the conceptual form. Let us start to make use of that power. Keep the site going, please.

A forum feature has now been added to the site. You have three categories of Forum topics: Election Reform Amendment, Term Limits Amendment, and Community Organizing. Now you can share your comments on the amendments and on your commuinty organizing to promote these amendments. Good luck!. I know that there have been many posts on Newsvine sending people to this site.

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